Fantastic Family Health Resources

100 Fantastic Family Health Resources

It’s easy to overlook how the health of a family fits together and to simply focus on individual health. That said, families are units, so the healthy (or unhealthy) choices made by one member can have a significant impact on everyone else in the unit. With rising healthcare costs, increasingly busy schedules, and high stress lifestyles, keeping a family healthy is no easy task. Luckily, there are many great resources available to parents looking to improve their family’s health. The following list has a myriad of fantastic family health resources, and family nurse practitioners (FNPs) can recommend these resources to their patients.

The following list of sites is compiled by, and is presented in no specific order. Factors considered when including sites on this list are age of the site, update frequency, number of readers and subscribers, amount of informative family health posts, and search ranking. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking for great resources to recommend patients, or a parent interested in leading your family in a healthy lifestyle, these websites offer a wealth of great information.

General Family Health

The websites below are all great for family health advice. While they may not fit into our other categories, each has a wealth of information useful to anyone interested in healthy family living.

  1. Building Healthy Families Inc.

  2. Dr. Snyder’s Healthy Family Blog

  3. Raising A Healthy Family

  4. Family Dysfunction and Mental Health Blog

  5. Dallas News Health Blog

  6. Nutrition, Health & Fitness Resource Center

  7. Dr. Tijana

  8. Know Your Family Health History

  9. Carolina Mom Blogger

  10. Happy Healthy Families



  13. Healthy Child Healthy World

  14. Expat Family Health

  15. Twinpossible

  16. Motivate Healthy Habits

  17. Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

  18. Practical Parenting

  19. This Full House

  20. Healthy Children of Divorce

  21. Help Guide

  22. Healthy Fellow

  23. Fit For A Feast

  24. Natural Health EZine

  25. Earth Mama’s World

  26. Family of a Vet

  27. Robinson Family Wellness Blog

  28. Chiropractic Family Wellness Center

  29. Barrett Family Wellness Center Blog

  30. Aurora Health Care Family Wellness Blog

  31. Common Sense Family Doctor

  32. Fresh Baby

  33. Lifescript

  34. Institute for Healthcare Advancement

  35. Talk About Twins

  36. Center for Mind-Body Medicine Blog

  37. Genetic Alliance

  38. Songs for Teaching – Health Songs

  39. SuperKids Nutrition Blog

  40. Real Mom Nutrition

  41. Whole Food Mommies

  42. The Healthy Moms Magazine

  43. The BODY SMART Blog

  44. Teen Health FX

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Family Nutrition

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”? It’s not simply a cute phrase designed to get people eating more salads, it’s based in truth. Healthy people have good nutritional habits and eat smart. Too many unhealthy families have a lack of quality meals in their diets. The following sites have great advice on nutrition, including how to cook healthy, eat healthy snacks, and what foods to avoid.

  1. Food for My Family

  2. Super Healthy Kids

  3. Fit Family Meals

  4. In Praise of Leftovers

  5. Simply Healthy Family

  6. Promote Health & Wellness

  7. Smart Parent Program: Healthy Food Blog

  8. This Week for Dinner

  9. This Mama Cooks

  10. Meals Matter

  11. The Pioneer Woman

  12. What a Healthy Family Eats

  13. Nourish Interactive

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Family Stress & Mental Health

It seems like the average family life is getting more stressful each day. Stress and conflict are kryptonite for a family’s health and well-being. Learning how to manage stress and work through family problems effectively can do wonders for the mental and physical health of each person in the family unit. The following websites are fantastic resources when it comes to dealing with these things.

  1. Manage, Resolve, Create

  2. Teen Mental Health


  3. Recovered Family

  4. Paul Nussbaum PhD, ABPP

  5. Teen Autism

  6. The Texas Conflict Coach

  7. High Conflict Institute

  8. Living Life Counseling

  9. Everyone Needs Therapy

  10. Carter & Evans Blog

  11. GriefLink

  12. Recover From Grief

  13. a moon, worn as if it had been a shell

  14. Child and Family Mental Health Blog

  15. Stress Management Blog

  16. Mom’s Madhouse

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Family Aging

All families age as the seasons change and years pass. Youth doesn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean you need to age unhealthily. The following sites deal with general health and aging.

  1. Boomer Cafe

  2. Healthy Midlife

  3. American Senior Fitness Association

  4. Seniors Helping Seniors


  6. Assistive Technology Services


  7. LaBorde Therapy Center


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Family Fitness

Family Fitness is a hot button issue. For parents, busy schedules often leave exercise time overlooked. For children, video games, TV, and other sedentary temptations can lead to obesity and a general unhealthy lifestyle. The sites below are either focused exclusively on, or have many posts that deal with fitness topics like exercise and weight loss. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay fit.

  1. Chicago Family Fit

  2. Food Fitness and Family Blog

  3. Roni’s Weigh

  4. Cranky Fitness

  5. Bay Area Family Fitness Blog

  6. Sandy’s Smart Weight Loss Blog

  7. Family Time Fitness

  8. A Merry Life

  9. O My Little Family

  10. Turner Family Blog

  11. The Healthy Boy

  12. JenFul

  13. My Fit Family


  14. Simmworks Family Blog

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