The Ultimate Guide to Free Online Medical Tools

Online medical tools allow patients to have immediate access to clinical information about thousands of prescriptions, drugs, symptoms, and health advice. However, these tools should only be used with informational intent. Some of the popular and free online medical tools are provided below.

  • WebMed SymptomChecker:  This tool is a great resource for information about symptoms of illnesses and diseases but is not intended to be used as treatment. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • Health Calculators: These tools are to help and assess the function of your body to ensure you are healthy. Tools like the pregnancy calculator and the ovulation calculator demystify crucial bio cycles. You can also figure out some fun facts with the Body Fluids Volumes calculator and Surface Area Calculator. However, these calculators are only for informational purposes and are never meant as a substitute for professional advice or as medical diagnosis.
  • MediLexicon Tools: MediLexicon tools provide searches, information, news, and resources for the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare professions. The following medical searches, medical dictionary listings, and resources are available for free use within this website. With help of this tool there medical news, medical abbreviations, and searches that can be done for other medical tools.
  • Medical News Gadget: This gadget is for useful purposes, such as the iGoogle homepage or can be used from this page. It is an easy method to access the latest medical and health stories from Medical News Today. This Gadget pulls up the best information on every category employing RSS technology. The gadget lets users select four shortcut tabs from the favorite medical news categories.
  • Online Medical Dictionary: It is a free online medical dictionary search engine for definitions of medical terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions, medical devices, specialty terms, and medical abbreviations. Medical Dictionary Online is provided at no cost and should be used for educational and informative purposes and not be used for medicinal usages and purposes.
  • Epocrates MedSearch Tool: The Epocrates MedSearch Tool allows a user to instantly access clinical information on thousands of prescriptions, over-the-counter and herbal drugs, along with hundreds of diseases and conditions. This tool, with the help of provided medical guidance, can be put on a website of a company, hospital, group, or association’s internet/intranet site, blog, or wiki.
  • Symptom Checker: This tool is provided by the Mayo Clinic, and it can answer very general medical questions like reasons that cause foot pain or reasons for a child’s sore throat. This is a phenomenal guide to learn about the most common reasons for diseases. The Mayo Clinic has a dedicated mission of empowering people to manage their health. This tool is developed by web professionals as well as medical experts.
  • Pregnancy Calendar: This tool is provided on this website to track your baby’s development each month. This tool is provided only for educational purposes. It is intended only for educational purposes and should not be used to replace medical advice from your physician. There are many tools like Facebook apps, ovulation calculators, recipe finder, ask the experts, baby name finder, birth plan, and a BMI calculator.
  • This is a hospital-wide intranet that is located at the VA Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan. Several programs on this site are rated number one based on many criterion. On the website, many tools related to medical importance like Drug Tables, Dilution Protocols, Laboratory Values, and Medical Calculators are provided.