Top 50 Mommybloggers for Family Health Tips

One of the most important things a health care professional can do for patients is to encourage them to live healthier lifestyles. Happily, there are a number of resources that can aid in living healthier lives, as individuals and as families. There are also a number knowledgeable mommybloggers who can help you find interesting ideas for encouraging family health. No matter your education level, it is possible to learn something from the experiences of ordinary moms who are trying to raise healthy families. Here are 50 mommybloggers offering insights into family health:

Blogs By Dr. (and Nurse) Moms

Stethoscope A number of mommybloggesr are also health care professionals. If you are looking for some solid information about family health, you might consider these posts, written by moms who are also doctors and nurses.

  1. DoctorMama: Addresses a number of issues related to health on a number of levels — as well as on life.
  2. Confessions of a Dr. Mom: Great insights into healthy parenting from a pediatrician.
  3. Dr. Gwenn Is In: Great information on raising healthy families from another pediatrician.
  4. nurse: This nurse shares insights into life and health.
  5. Blog of a Wife, Nurse & Twin Mom: Raise healthy kids with insights from this nurse.
  6. Octopus Mom: This RN knows how to juggle responsibilities. She left her job as a nurse, but still has great professional insights.

Healthy Eating

eating These blogs focus more on healthy eating. You will find nutritional tips, as well as healthy recipes for meals that the whole family will love.

  1. Frugal Dr. Mom: This frugal mom has a doctorate — and a passion for cooking. Great recipes, many of them healthy and homemade. Healthy eating on a budget.
  2. Foodariffic: Great ideas for fun food that is also healthy (most of the time).
  3. Healthy Mom Living With Picky Eaters: A practical blog with great ideas for helping your family eat healthy.
  4. $5 Dinners: This site includes a number of health recipes that can help you feed your family for less.
  5. A Year of Slow Cooking: Delicious meals, many of them healthy, with help from the crock pot.
  6. Gourmet Mom on-the-go: Cook delicious, healthy meals that fit into your daily schedule.
  7. Mom’s Kitchen Handbook: Written by a registered dietitian, this blog offers delicious, wholesome recipes and practical nutrition advice for raising healthy eaters.

Physical Activity

Little_League_pitcher Mommybloggers are often interested in physical activity and health. Here are some great blogs that will help you exercise — and help you with tips for encouraging physical activity in your kids.

  1. Catherine’s Family Fitness Blog: This mother of two active children offers helpful insights on family fitness.
  2. Fitness Blog: Stephanie Romero helps you learn more about family health and fitness.
  3. The Happy Runner: Learn how you can be a better runner, and get in better shape. Training tips that can help the whole family.
  4. Total Fit Mom: Learn how to get in better shape while playing with your kids.
  5. The Wii Mommies: Get fit playing Wii — and do it with the whole family.
  6. Kids Exercise Blog: A great resource for those looking to help their kids remain physical active. Not written by a mommyblogger, but this man knows his stuff.

Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

In some cases, the family can become healthier overall with a little weight loss. The following blogs offer helpful suggestions for dealing with eating disorders that may need a little weight gain as well.

  1. Escape from Obesity: An inspiring blog for those of all ages.
  2. The Sassy Pear: Losing weight, feeling good, and plenty of tips.
  3. Eating Disorders Blog: Jane St. Clair offers insight and information on eating disorders.
  4. The Blubber Blog: Losing weight — and keeping it off. This blogger had a lap-band procedure.

Going Green

Many people believe that going green can help a family live healthier in general. If you want some ideas for going green, these blogs can provide you with insight, practical tips and more.

  1. The Raw Mom Blog: Find out about living greener and healthier.
  2. Green and Clean Mom: Practical tips for going green.
  3. NatureMoms Blog: Learn more about natural living and its health benefits for the whole family.
  4. Mom Goes Green: Learn how you can live greener — and have a healthier family.
  5. Mindful Momma: Living green and healthy.
  6. Green Mom Happy Mom: Natural solutions and healthy ideas for the family.
  7. EcoCrazy Mom: A Mom’s blog on her mission to save Planet Earth!

Healthy Pregnancy

Start your family off right with a healthy pregnancy. Take care of yourself, and expected members of your family, with help from these mommybloggers who know a thing or two about parenting while pregnant.

  1. The Baby Bump Project: Great blog about body image and pregnancy.
  2. BabyLune: Insights into healthy pregnancy and parenting.
  3. a little pregnant: Parenting, infertility and pregnancy.
  4. Mama Knows Breast: A look at breast feeding, and its health benefits.
  5. New Moms Need: Helpful information on baby and mom health during pregnancy and after from moms working with the March of Dimes.
  6. Tiny Playground: Help For New Moms Everywhere: Articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, childbirth and more.

Stress Relief and Mental Health

It is important to see to the emotional and mental health needs of your family. These blogs focus on relieving stress, as well as promoting better mental health. Helpful resources that can be used to help address all aspects of family health.

  1. Manic Mother: Managing depression while raising children.
  2. Anxiety Help: Tips for reducing anxiety.
  3. Mental Health Blog: offers great posts on family mental health.
  4. Mom Stress Relief: Relieve your stress, and learn about helping others.
  5. Anger Management with Children: Teach and practice patience.
  6. Parenting Zen: Great tips on stress relief and healthier parenting.
  7. Mom 101: Stress relief, parenting and better emotional health.

Parenting Troubled Kids

Another part of family health is learning how to parent troubled kids. These blogs provide insights and hints for effective parenting, and ideas for helping your children and your whole family find balance and better emotional health. Also includes information on raising children with other challenges.

  1. Raising Troubled Kids: Margaret shares some helpful hints for parenting troubled children.
  2. Parenting Teens: Learn more about parenting teens in a health manner.
  3. Denise’s Parenting Teens Blog: Learn about parenting teens, including troubled kids.
  4. Mom-Blog: Raising a healthy family when autism and Down syndrome is involved.
  5. ADHD Parenting Blog: Kay offers insights on the challenges of parenting a child with ADHD, and provides suggestions.
  6. Troubled Teen Blog: Learn more about healthy parenting when you have troubled kids.

Healthy Relationships

Total family health depends on the relationships of family members. Consider these blogs as resources for promoting better, healthier family relationships.

  1. ABC’s of a Healthy Marriage: This mother and wife shares thoughts on marriage.
  2. Mombian: Developing healthy family relationships as a lesbian mom.
  3. Woulda Coulda Shoulda: Great blog on developing healthy relationships in a blended family.
  4. Single Mom Seeking: Maintaining health relationships as a single parent, and a single mom.
  5. Grandma Home Bloggers: Diverse collection of grandparenting articles, tips, and parenting issues.